Additional Resources

Outfitting Deposit Policies

  • Rustic Voyager Canoer Cabins:  25%
  • Bunkhouse: 25% or Full balance if less than $50
  • All Regular Outfitting:  25%
  • All Group Outfitting:  15%

Outfitting Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made more than 30 days out will receive their deposit back minus a $50 outfitting cancellation fee and a $6 permit cancellation fee. Cancellations made with in 30 days will forfeit their entire deposit.

Packing Recommendations

The following are general guidelines. Please adjust as the (hot/cold) weather dictates and the length of your trip.

Clothing Recommendation #1  NO COTTON. It is extremely heavy when wet & it takes a long time to dry out. Bring as much synthetic clothing as possible. It wicks moisture away from your body & dries much quicker than cotton.

Clothing Recommendation #2  Bring a reliable & sturdy rainsuit. Plan on rain. And when it rains, a good rainsuit will help keep your dry, warm, & (relatively) comfortable.

Remember, pack smartly everything that you pack will be with you during the entire duration of the trip, every pound counts.

Download our packing list here

Make sure to watch these videos as you are preparing for your trip to the BWCA

Part 1

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