Spring and Back to Winter

May 3rd, 2019

Text and Pictures by John Silliman:Head Naturalist of Gunflint Lodge

When I went walking on Sunday, birds were singing, water was flowing, most of the snow was gone, trees were budding, and green plants were just peeking out the ground. Spring had sprung.

On Monday, the seasons changed, but in reverse. Heavy snow came down all day. We got at least 6 inches of snow at Gunflint Lodge, and other places in the county got up to 15 inches of snow. I cancelled my trip to Grand Marais due to the heavy snow on the roads. Plows were dispatched throughout the region, and people were getting their cars stuck on the roads.

Here are some pictures of the snow from that morning:

Gunflint Nature Center Path

Wood Amphitheater by Gunflint Nature Center

We got these kayaks out of storage on Saturday. It will be quite a while before they get in the water!

Stone Amphitheater by the Gunflint Nature Center