Snowmobiling on the Gunflint Trail

February 15, 2019

Snowmobiling is a good time wherever you are in the wonderful state of Minnesota.

And while ‘good’ is a fairly relative term, snowmobiling near the Gunflint Trail can be summed up with only one word: epic.

Widely considered some of the best snowmobiling access in the Upper Midwest, the network of trails near the Gunflint are indeed legendary. And for a good reason. With moose, white pine, wolves, border lakes full of lake trout and pristine wilderness just some of the features on our local trails, there’s little reason to wonder why people travel from all over the country and Canada to ride near the Gunflint.

The 2018-19 season has been unbelievable for our local snowmobiling trails. In mid-to-late February we have a base of about 17 inches for most the trails, with an average depth of 30-32 inches of snow to top it off. The Gunflint Trail averages more than 110 inches of snow per year, which indeed means more snow is on the way in late February and March.

A recent study out of the University of Minnesota reports the average snowmobiler rides 1,414 miles per year. That means some serious time is being spent on the trails. As is the case across much of Minnesota, our pristine trails near the Gunflint are maintained and groomed through the combined efforts of a seemingly endless stream of snowmobile volunteers, including the local snowmobile club known as the Cook County Ridge Riders. Some of our favorite local trails include Blueberry, the X and the iconic Gunflint “G Trail.” We also love the Upper Gunflint Snowmobile Trail System and the Ontario Trail System, which originates on the Canadian side of Gunflint Lake.

If you don’t feel like hauling your sled from home or don’t own a snowmobile, we have them to rent right here at the Lodge. We offer full or half-day trips and our snowmobiles accommodate one or two people very comfortably. Directly from our base of operations on the shores of Gunflint Lake you will be able to connect to more than 200 miles of stunning scenery on the local snowmobile trails.

And while having a great trip is the focus of snowmobiling on the Gunflint trails, safety is the priority. Riders should always have gear that fits properly, specifically head gear and gloves. We want everyone to have a memorable trip while cruising our magnificent snowmobiling trails near the Gunflint. And the best part is we still have many weeks left of winter to enjoy along the Gunflint Trail!