Photography Hike

June 18, 2019

Text and Photographs by John Silliman

Gunflint Lodge Head Naturalist

We had a beautiful day for the Photography Hike yesterday.  Along the way to Lookout Point, we talked about composing photographs, and identified many of the plants along the way.

When we returned, we found a number of Canadian tiger swallowtail butterflies puddling together behind the Outfitters. The males gather around puddles for moisture, mineral nutrients, and to attract females. Their yellow and black colors are most prominent, but upon closer inspection, there are beautiful blue and orange spots.

Here are some of the pictures from the hike:


Clintonia Borealis (Bluebead Lily)

Canadian Tiger Swallowtails Puddling

Canadian Tiger Swallowtail

View from Lookout Point