Gunflint Lodge is a Pet Friendly Vacation Destination. Your pets are our priority guests, and if they vouch for you, you are welcome to accompany them.

They will spend their time checking out all the sights and sounds of the northwoods. They would like to show you around and would much prefer to be out and about with you, rather than left in a kennel or with friends.

We request only a couple of common-sense courtesies, including keeping your dog on a leash when outside, securing them if they are left in your cabin unattended, and notifying us of any damage to the cabin that may have been unintentionally caused by your pet. In the winter, there’s a special ski trail that’s available for you and your dog so you can explore the snowy woods together (the Northwoods version of walking the dog!)

There is a $25 per pet per night charge, except during the Dog Lover’s Weekends, when dogs booked on that package stay free!