Upcoming Dog Lover’s Weekend

April 16-19, 2020

Written By: John Silliman

We have an exciting Dog Lover’s Weekend coming up at Gunflint Lodge. This month, we are thrilled to welcome back Katina Stamp as our special dog trainer. She has been with us many times in the past and has always done a wonderful job!

The training activities offered by Katina will be:

Reliable Recall~60 minutes

Having a reliable recall is something that could save the life of your dog. Discussion will surround all the reasons dogs have for not responding to a recall, and what methods humans can implement to develop a fast, prompt recall, despite the world’s distractions. Time during the workshop will allow handling teams to work, ask questions and be individually coached.

*Teams should bring soft treats, long line/leash

Tricks for life~60-90 minutes

Trick training is fun for everyone involved. Discussion will surround reasons for training tricks, it is not just for showing off anymore, and various methods used in trick training. Demonstration will involve specific tricks, their broad usefulness, and time for each team to work on the highlighted tricks with coaching.

*Teams should bring soft treats, leash, mat/towel or small blanket for the dog.

Other things offered that weekend are Dog Socials, Dog Walks, and a K-9 Olympics. We will have dog treats available, as well as recipes to make your own treats at home.