Northern Lights at Gunflint Lodge


Viewing the Northern Lights at Gunflint Lodge & OutfittersBy John Silliman, Gunflint Lodge & Outfitters Head NaturalistPhotos By: Heidi Pinkerton, Root River Photography The Northern Lights are an amazing sight to see at Gunflint Lodge & Outfitters. Gunflint Lake has one of the best views of the Northern Lights in the lower [...]

Northern Lights at Gunflint Lodge2022-04-24T20:24:51-05:00

Gunflint Lodge Wedding Coordinator


Gunflint Lodge Wedding Coordinator: Meet Carly O’Connor Planning your perfect wedding is a huge undertaking. That is why we at Gunflint Lodge provide our wedding and elopement couples with the pleasure of planning their special day through our wedding coordinator, Carly. She has been working at the lodge [...]

Gunflint Lodge Wedding Coordinator2021-03-04T12:56:23-06:00

Boundary Waters Romantic Anniversary Getaway


60 Years of Boundary Waters Romance and Getaways The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCA) has a knack for attracting adventurous souls. This has been the case for at least as long as the Gunflint Lodge has been operating. Memories of towering white pines, intimate moose sightings, and glowing northern [...]

Boundary Waters Romantic Anniversary Getaway2021-02-13T16:58:50-06:00

Charming Minnesota Dog Sledding Experience at Gunflint Lodge


Charming Minnesota Dog Sledding Experience Dog Sledding has been an integral part of Gunflint Lake and the Gunflint Lodge area for a long time. We are proud to help keep such memorable experiences alive today. Justine Kerfoot, former owner of Gunflint Lodge, ran teams of sled dogs for travel, [...]

Charming Minnesota Dog Sledding Experience at Gunflint Lodge2021-02-06T12:44:54-06:00

Top 10 Things To Do On the Gunflint Trail In Winter


Top 10 Things To Do On the Gunflint Trail In Winter Looking for outings, activities or adventures to do this winter? We've curated a list of our top 10 favorite things to do on the Gunflint Trail this winter! 1. Dog sledding Cruising over the snow in a sled pulled by a [...]

Top 10 Things To Do On the Gunflint Trail In Winter2020-05-08T14:46:16-05:00

Upcoming Dog Lover’s Weekend


Upcoming Dog Lover's Weekend April 16-19, 2020 Written By: John Silliman We have an exciting Dog Lover's Weekend coming up at Gunflint Lodge. This month, we are thrilled to welcome back Katina Stamp as our special dog trainer. She has been with us many times in the past [...]

Upcoming Dog Lover’s Weekend2022-03-03T09:43:53-06:00

MEA Weekend


MEA Weekend October 17, 2019 Written By: Joseph Friedrichs Okay, okay we admit it. More than a foot of snow fell on parts of the Gunflint Trail before we could officially say: "It's mid-October!" It was a bit of a shocker to some, but we don't get too [...]

MEA Weekend2022-03-03T09:37:18-06:00
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