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Used Kevlar Canoes For Sale Available Fall 2022

Tandem and 3-seat canoes from NorthStar & Wenonah

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We collect a $250 deposit towards a specified canoe with final payment and pick up as early as mid September. Pricing varies and will be determined for each specific watercraft at the end of the season – all canoes are sold as is. Canoe selection based on a first come first serve basis. Please contact us with additional questions!


Northwind 17

Year: 2022     Length: 17′ 6″     Weight: ~40lbs

Price: ~$2,050

This canoe has seen some adventure! Repair patches made of kevlar fabric and marine epoxy to seal and reinforce damaged areas. If properly cared for, this canoe has a long life ahead.


Minnesota II

Year: 2022     Length: 18′ 6″     Weight: ~42lbs

Price: To Be Determined

This canoe is currently under repair. Final price and pictures will be posted when the canoe has been restored. Inquiries accepted.

Minnesota 3

Year: 2022     Length: 20′     Weight: ~55lbs

Price: ~$3,120

This canoe is in great shape! It has only seen one season of adventure. A minor patch was applied to reinforce a small dent, and protect from future damage. Can easliy be used for a few seasons without requiring a recoat. The third seat is easily removed, converting the canoe into a large tandem for long trips or lots of gear!