Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness Day Trips

Rose Falls Day Trip

One of the most visually stunning lakes in the entire Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, Rose Lake is a breathtaking Boundary Waters lake between the Gunflint Trail and the Canadian Border. A short day trip into the Boundary Waters, this is a great trip for those new to canoeing as well as the more experienced.

Leave your canoe at the end of Duncan Lake and walk the portage, you will come across the “Stairway Portage” a rare Boundary Waters portage with wooden stairs. Along the path are multiple hiking trails where visitors can hike up the glacial ridges south of Rose and look out across the lake into Canada. A short hike up those ridges offers some of the most expansive views of the Boundary Waters along the Gunflint Trail. Rose Lake is a classic stop for newcomers and seasoned BWCA travelers alike and is definitely worth the trip. A light trailmix is provided.

Offered Saturday – Monday & Wednesdays

$145 per person | $119 per person for Gunflint overnight guests


Clearwater Palisades Day Trip

Clearwater Lake is well named and it’s stunning clear blue waters will transport you to another place. With views from your canoe 40 feet down into the water and views for miles across the horizon from the top of the bluffs, you won’t want to miss this adventure.

Your trip to the palisades starts with a short paddle across Clearwater Lake followed by a hike up the top of the palisades. This hike is approximately 1 mile each way and does include some steep sections. The view is well worth it! A light trailmix is provided.

Offered Tuesdays & Fridays

$145 per person | $119 per person for Gunflint overnight guests

Cross Bay Day Trip

This Boundary Waters canoe route is a moderately difficult loop that will take about 5 hours to traverse with an experienced guide. Expect to see beautiful scenery and few people as you travel through this isolated area. Start at the Cross Bay Lake Landing and travel through the interior of the Boundary Waters. The chance to see nature in its most pure state, the call of the loon, soaring bald eagles, clear water lakes, huge fish, and maybe a moose are all possibilities through this pristine section.

Pictured above is an entry to Ham Lake that you will travel in the days adventure. Note the change in foliage on opposing sides of the water as this is the origin site of the 2007 Ham Lake fire. This impactful location gives opportunity to connect with your guide about wildfire impacts and ecology. A packed lunch is provided.

*Due to BWCAW closures this trip is currently on Pause – We are replacing it with our new Clearwater Palisades Trip!

$145 per person | $119 per person for Gunflint overnight guests


Granite River Day Trip

This is part of the famed Voyageurs Route that early explorers ran to trade and trap furs from the interior of the continent and ship out through the Great Lakes to be sold to the fashionable elite on the East Coast and Europe. This route starts from Gunflint Lake and through the Magnetic Narrows. In Magnetic Lake you’ll paddle past the fairytale chalet on Gallagher’s Island and portage along Granite Falls, then runs down the Granite River. If you are a comfortable river canoer, this route will make you feel right at home. There are a few portages, but they generally aren’t tough and the scenery is spectacular. You’ll see evidence of the Ham Lake Fire of 2007, which increases your chance of spotting moose in the new young growth and produces fabulous blueberries in July and August. A packed lunch is provided.

*Due to water levels this trip is currently on Pause – We have replaced it with additional days of our Rose Falls trip. We will look to offer it again in 2022!*

$169 per person | $139 per person for Gunflint overnight guests

*These activities do require active participation. You will be entering and experiencing a wilderness area.*

Payment is required at time of reservation. Cancellations made more than 72 hours in advance will be refunded 50 percent. Sorry, but no refund will be made for cancellations with less than 72 hours notice.