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Towering Pines Canopy Tour

We take ‘eagle-eye view’ to a whole new level.

The Towering Pines Canopy Tour at Gunflint Lodge, located 43 miles up the Gunflint Trail, is one of the most fun things to do in Minnesota! Our Towering Pines Canopy Tour is a first for Minnesota.

The tour features eight zip lines spanning the boreal forest canopy. Spend a little over two hours gliding high amidst old-growth white pines and spectacular wilderness vistas.

It’s an exciting naturalist adventure trip through the canopies of huge old growth white pine. Your guides will lead each group of up to 10 people on an exciting and informative trip through heavily forested lands in the back basin behind Gunflint Lodge, overlooking Lonely Lake, Gunflint Lake and the Canadian Shore, and the high cliffs to the south.

Your first easy zip will take you to the tower overlooking Lonely Lake, where you will climb up to get a good look at the lake and the bird life in the area. Then you will zip between 200-year-old white pine trees, from platform to platform, with the guides sharing historical and naturalist information with you.

Kids and grandparents and all ages in between can enjoy the Canopy Tour, a fun thing to do in Minnesota! No special strength or skill is needed. We welcome riders who are 10 years or older and weigh between 75 – 240 pounds. Open June through late October.

2 hour tour- $99 per person plus taxes. Lodge guests receive a discounted rate of $89 per person plus taxes.

Riders can be accommodated who are 10 yrs or older, weigh at least 75 lbs. but not over 240 lbs.

Open to the public. Call for availability and to reserve your tour!

You’ll have a whole new experience zipping under the night sky! All your senses will come alive as you see, hear, and experience the forest by starlight. Feel the adrenaline as you step off Lookout Point and zip through the trees. You’ll observe wildlife you can experience only at night. Your adventure will be lighted by headlamp and strategically-placed lights to guide your way.

Dates coming soon!

This was amazing! We zipped off a cliff!