Turkey and Ham Smoking

Package Dates: Fall & Winter Turkey & Ham Smoking Weekend: Smoking for your Thanksgiving dinner Nov 18-20, 2016 Turkey Smoking Weekend: Smoking for your Christmas dinner Dec 16-18, 2016 A mouth-watering feast is waiting for you We'll be cranking up our big smoker for the weekend! You're invited to look over our shoulder and [...]

Geology Workshop

Package Dates: Fall 2017 Fall: Oct 13 - 15, 2017 A workshop led by Jim Miller, a veteran instructor with the North House Folk School - Northern Ecology: Exploring the Ancient History of the Gunflint Trail   Head up the trail and experience the unique and ancient geology of the Gunflint area. We are pleased [...]

Moose Viewing Package

Package Dates: Fall Fall: Oct 9-13 Mid October is the time that the moose get a bit rambunctious during their rut, or mating season. The big bull are making their presence known to the cows in the hope that their courting will be well received. They make huge bellowing sounds that can be heard from [...]

Fall Color Package

Package Dates: Fall Fall: Sept 25-28, 2016 Two days of fall color treks in the Boreal forest of northern Minnesota In late September the forest is bursting with beautiful reds, golds, yellows, and greens as we reach the peak of Indian Summer. The days are a bit cooler and the bugs almost non-existent, making [...]

Wild Winter Package

Package Dates: Jan 1-Mar 31, 2017 Dog sledding, skiing and snowshoeing for snow lovers (or wanna-be snow lovers) Winter along the Gunflint Trail is a different world than either summer on the Trail or winter in the city. If you've not been to our backyard when it's covered in sparkling white, you're missing out! It doesn't [...]