Moose Viewing Package

Package Dates: Fall

Fall: Oct 9-13

Mid October is the time that the moose get a bit rambunctious during their rut, or mating season. The big bull are making their presence known to the cows in the hope that their courting will be well received. They make huge bellowing sounds that can be heard from quite a distance, as they mark out their territory. The leaves have dropped so the views can be awesome. We have a variety of spots in the woods for you to visit by hiking or by car that the moose frequent. Our moose seem big and intimidating when you encounter them in the wilds, but this is not considered a risk sport. Just stand your ground and take pictures as you wish until they choose to wander on. Remember, this is their home, and they move on when they choose to.

On one of the days of your package we include 1/2 day guided moose search.  Our guide will take you out to one of his favorite viewing spots and do his best to call in a moose for you.

This package supports hiking and canoing as the spirit moves you, for day trips on your own. We review maps with you and make suggestions on where to go for the most likely viewing opportunities.

Includes: 4 nights accommodations in a lakeside fireplace cabin, breakfasts, packed lunches, and dinners each day, 1/2 day guided moose search, trail maps and personal trip planning for your days of browsing and searching for moose, plus canoes, kayaks, and all our guided naturalist activities.

Classic Cabin  $595.00 per person

Gunflint Lake Home  or a Romantic Cabin  $695.00 per person

Sales Tax and Service Charge are additional

Suggestions:  Bring good sturdy hiking boots and binoculars


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