Package Dates: Winter

Winter: Dec 4-9, 2016 & Dec 11-16, 2016

This is a time of peace and quiet, with most of us having very few of these special days in our busy lives. Here at Gunflint things are in harmony with nature- the wind in the trees, the calling song birds, the fire in the fireplace, the soaring raptors, hiking with crunch leaves underfoot, moose viewing, and the howling wolves. It can be a time for catching up on some of you reading, doing a bit of writing, or doing a puzzle. All of this equals quality relaxing vacation time.

The migrating birds are passing through and many of the small animals of the forest are preparing for the winter ahead–squirrels stashing all the seeds they can, jays filling their hidy holes, snowshoe rabbits starting to turn white, and the beaver completing their winter feed pile.

This package includes: accommodations in a lakeside fireplace cabin, guided naturalist activities, and lots of peace and quiet.

Dates:  Dec 4-9, 2016 & Dec 11-16, 2016
Available for 2 to 5 nights
$59.00 per person per night – Best cabin available

Sales Tax and Service Charge are additional